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Maurice Smith

Swat Fuel Extreme Body Builder

Marine Corps Master Sergeant, Trainer & Body Builder

Maurice Smith
Maurice Smith

Maurice Smith

  • Marine Corps Master Sergeant
  • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • SWAT Fuel Extreme member

“Just finished my second workout of the day. Ran 4 miles this morning and 3 miles this evening. Arm workout was straight torture and I pulled a code “187” on my abs!!! Getting some rest tonight and hit it again in the morning. I know is sounds like a cliche, but SWAT Fuel honestly got me through the workouts today!!! SWAT Fuel 4 life!!!!”

I will tell you from the start, that I am very blessed, honored and humbled to be a part of SWAT Fuel. When I was recruited to become part of the company, honestly, I did not know what to expect. Dr. Dan Olesnicky gave me the opportunity of a life time and I am greatful for it. I mentioned to him that anything that I can do for SWAT Fuel to make it a success, I am ready, willing, and able to do.

So, when the product lauched in July 2012, I was one of the first 10 people to actually test the product. I was anxious to try this new product out and give a full report back to DanO. My initial workout using SWAT Fuel was nothing short of AMAZING!!!! It was not that the product gave me super strength; it was the fact that certain portions of my running on the treadmill, when I would ususally be tired, I found myself not tired and able to push through without absolute breath loss. Not to mention that I was sweating more during that 30 minute run than I had been sweating all wek out together! As I got off the treadmill and begin to hit the weights, again, it was not like I had super powers by taking SWAT Fuel , but I had endurance and mental focus was in tact. It was a very surreal feeling that I had going on.

I have been taking SWAT Fuel for 8 months now and there is no way in the world that I would take another pre-workout suplement as long as SWAT Fuel is around. Some of the results that I achieved since taking SWAT Fuel are a lower body fat percentage, increased endurance, faster run time, more intensified workout, more definitionthroughout my body, and lastly, a better mood. I am 39 years old and I am in better shape now than I have been in my entire life!!! SWAT Fuel has been a major contributor to that.

If you are not taking SWAt Fuel supplements, I promise you that you are cheating yourself.

This product is definitely “THE TRUTH”!! There are people out there that will try to prove this product wrong but I have had too many other indiviuals try this product and tell me that this product is great. The truth is in the testimonials of every individual that has tried it. Your turn……..what will you have to say about it once you try it.

Good luck and God bless!!!


“I use the 40 caliber Multi-vitamin and the 9mm +P and get great energy and it impacts my over health positively.”
~ Jim Hammer on July 29, 2015


“Helps me maintain mental clarity when under stress.”
~ Jim on April 3rd 2015


“I take one a day in the am before I leave the house , it woks all day with out jitters and help me burn them pound either at work or in the gym.”
~ Merlin on April 23rd 2015


“With my first bottle I lost over 10lbs in just about a month. The appetite suppressant in these pills works!! I had to force myself to eat something throughout the day. Follow the instructions about the dosage and cycle it.”

~ John on July 21st 2015

This just works!

“If you are looking for sustained, non jittery energy Swat Fuel 9mm really is a great source. I like the 9mm+P too.
Student Of The Gun first recommended this product on their podcast so I tried it. I’ve seen consistent results for several months. Check them both out :)”
~ Wua – I’m talking to Oregon post on May 1, 2016


“The 40 Cal Multi is a high quality vitamin. It compares favorably over the mega vitamin I was previously taking”
~ Terry on Feb. 15, 2016


“After spending tons of cash on “5 Hours”, I have found Swat Fuel to be superior!”
~ Joshua Michael on May 11, 2015

3rd Heart Attack in Just 2 Years – Viga Hall

Late last year I had a heart attack. It was my 3rd in just 2 years. That’s when I started to diet and exercise and take SWAT FUEL 9MM every morning. Now over the last 9 months I’m down 85 pounds!
~ Viga Hall on December 11, 2016


“I have started to use this one after a bulking phase and i can see and feel a difference in how this one is working. Within 5 weeks i added 20 lbs while bulking, now its time to cut. I began to use Swat Fuel 9mm and I can honestly say this stuff does what it says. I feel energetic in the gym and throughout the day. This stuff works!!!”
~ Chuck on July 6, 2016


“I found this to work well on a day when I had to workout, but didn’t give me the punch I expected when taken first thing in the morning. Granted I have only taken it 2 days now and I didn’t sleep well the night previous to my second dose.”
~ B.T. Allen on June 14, 2016

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